what our clients say

“Emily is a gifted healer and a professional, using her abilities for the highest good for all involved. She approaches her work with ease and compassion, allowing for authenticity and vulnerability. In addition to Emily's intuitiveness, I admire her integrity and responsiveness. It's refreshing to meet someone with a balance of head and heart. I've recommended Emily to friends and family in the past, and will continue to do so. She is a fantastic addition to the Seattle healing community.”
Maria / Lynnwood, WA
“Emily is wonderful to work with! She not only has a gift, but is a person with great light that makes people feel good in her presence. ”
Dana / Seattle, WA
“Emily is one of the most spiritual, honest and kind people I have ever known. She is deeply committed to her work as a healer and has helped me many, many times on my life journey.”
Nancy / Edmonds, WA
“Thank you for your help today. Your calm, positive demeanor makes it easy to interact with you, and the feedback you’ve given me has been an encouragement to me. It was a pleasant surprise to discover that your various talents included being able to talk to my parrots (aka “my kids”). It has been immensely fun and helpful for me to be able to work issues with them and to have a way to communicate with them. I look forward to talking to you and them again!”
Tabea / Cannon Beach, OR